30 Day Challenge: Meditation with Elizabeth

Breathe. Take a moment to quietly view the image heading this post and focus on the light behind the woman sitting in strong stillness. Breathe.

Pay attention to any tension in your body and breathe. Deeply. Mindfully. Allowing yourself to be fully present in this moment. Breathe. Allowing your body to relax and release its tensions, or anything tugging at its consciousness. Breathe. Take notice of what you are surrendering.

Sitting upright, back straight, place your feet squarely beneath you – or in lotus position if you prefer, take a few moments to close your eyes and practice mindful breathing until total stillness is achieved.

Once there, consciously breathe in to stillness and slowly open your eyes when ready. How are you feeling?



If you are new to meditation, sit in stillness until you have reached a feeling of calm, or internal quiet.

Next week I will discuss how to incorporate mantras, breathing exercises and the use of sound and crystals into meditation practices.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is not forcing your mind to be quiet; it is allowing it to find the quiet that is already there.

Modern life has many benefits. However, our lifestyles of overcommitted schedules and “always on” digitally connected social relationships keep the mind a little bit too engaged for the brain’s liking.

Meditation provides quiet “gaps” which allow our busy minds to reboot and receive happiness, inspiration and inner guidance, thus allowing us to live our best lives.

Studies show those who regularly engage in meditation have increased vitality, are less prone to stress and experience increased general wellbeing.

When the mind has a way to quiet itself, it has a channel to possibly heal or correct anything that is out of alignment or no longer serving the journey. Meditation creates the space to drop streaming internal dialogues, preconceived expectations of how things “should be” and allow us to get out of our own way and live congruently.

Through the practice of meditation and commitment to knowing thy self, limiting patterns drop away and divine synchronicity unfolds.

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