365 Day Challenge: “The Uniform Project” from Sheena Matheiken

LUXies, we came across this amazing project that is taking sustainable fashion to a whole new level—not to mention the designer is doing this whole challenge to raise money for a good cause!! Simply LUX-tastic!!

Sheena Matheiken, who you see above, has vowed to take on a 365 day challenge to wear the same ‘uniform’ dress by simply changing up the accessories and style! This project started May of 2009—that was nearly 50 days ago! So at almost 50 days into her promise, Matheiken is going strong!

Lets break down how this all works shall we….she’s actually wearing 7 identical dresses, one for each day of the week and each day she reinvents the outfit!! This project has a dual purpose. One is to demonstrate how eco-fashion can be more interesting and practical, while the other is to raise funds and awareness for the Akanksha Foundation.

The Akanksha Foundation is a grassroots non-profit founded in Mumbai in 1990 through the volunteered efforts of college students devoted to bringing education to slum children. The Indian government spends an average of $360 on one child's schooling, of which 80% drop out before reaching the 10th grade. Akanksha vows to spend the same amount on every slum child to afford them a better, more well-rounded education. Akanksha's alumni have already shown a higher success rate than public school kids in their academic ability as well as their social skills, confidence and agency –so much so that the Indian government is now reaching out to the Akanksha team to train public school teachers.. –theuniformproject.com

Sheena grew up in India where uniforms were mandatory, but as you know teenagers have a way to express their individuality despite their set attire. Drawing on the experience she gained from her teen years, she collaborated with her friend and designer, Eliza Starbuck, to make a ‘uniform’ dress that can be worn across seasons and can act as the foundational piece for any outfit!! She then decided to make this a fundraising campaign so that ALL contributions from this project go toward funding the new schools Akanksha is opening this fall in Mumbai and Pune.

We here at LadyLUX are all about taking action and getting involved in your passions! If this calls you—please, reach out. So how you can help? Well, Matheiken is accepting donations and this can come in many forms. Financially is only one way, but she is mostly interested in any accessories you are looking to purge. That’s right, she needs hats, scarves, belts, brooches or any other accessory you are looking to clear away!! Visit her ‘Donate Accessories’ button to find out more!! She’s also open to any ‘ensemble’ collaborations, if you have an interesting way she might be able to wear her ‘uniform’ dress then simply contact her for more details!!

As you can see LUX Nation, this is definitely a challenge worth exploring! Her tenaciousness and creativity are intoxicating!! We would love to hear what’s on your mind. What do you think of ‘The Uniform Project’?


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