4th of July Menu Ideas

Get ready for the ultimate summer holiday

Summer holidays go hand-in-hand with great food, and the 4th of July is no exception. Whether you're entertaining two or 20, this menu will be a hit. You'll find everything from a quinoa and buratta caprese salad to mexican street corn and paleo brownies.

Of course, it wouldn't be a holiday without the perfect cocktail, so you'll appreciate the ultimate homemade margarita recipe, as well as a "porch crawler," where the name speaks for itself.

4th of July Menu Ideas

3-Ingredient Homemade Margaritas

There are only three essential ingredients in these homemade margaritas - lime juice, agave and tequila. You won't find anything artificial or neon green in this cocktail.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Barbecue Chicken Kebabs

These kebabs are unlike any other. Sure, they're coated in barbecue sauce. But they hide a secret ingredient - bacon that's pureed and added to the sauce. It adds a smoky goodness that no one can resist.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Loaded Blue Cheese Burger with Crispy Pancetta

If you're going to have a burger, make it this burger. It's the ultimate indulgence with blue cheese and pancetta. Don't forget to toast the bun to avoid soggy bun syndrome.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Almond Butter Paleo Brownies

You won't even have to feel guilty eating these rich and delicious Almond Butter Paleo Brownies. They're vegan, too. Top them with a nut butter date frosting to keep them moist.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Porch Crawler

Mix together rum, serrano chile peppers, mint and cherries and the end result is a Porch Crawler cocktail. It's the perfect blend of spicy and sweet.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Spiced and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are lower on the glycemic index than starchy white potatoes, so eat these and feel good about your menu choice. Brush spiced oil onto these potatoes for an added kick.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Trail Mix Cookies

These cookies are both gluten and dairy free and yet wholly delicious. Dried blueberries, almonds, chia seeds and chocolate chips fill these cookies.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Watermelon and Feta Arugula Salad

The bright flavor of feta mixes nicely with the honey-lemon vinaigrette on this watermelon, feta and arugula salad. Make sure and use baby arugula to ensure tender and non-bitter greens.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Mexican Street Corn

This recipe was inspired by the vendors who sell corn on the streets of Mexico and southern California. The combination of flavors of roasted corn, lime crema, hemp seeds and cilantro are unbelievably good.

4th of July Menu Ideas

Quinoa and Burrata Caprese Salad

Quinoa is chock-full of protein, and this salad is a wonderful blend of the ancient grain, with the addition of basil, tomatoes and creamy Burrata cheese.

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