LUX LIT:  Alicia Silverstone Discusses How to Lose Weight and Save the Planet

Calling all Eco-conscious LUXies!! Alicia Silverstone’sThe Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet,' sugar-coats nothing and serves only the organic truth, as told by the complete eco-vegan herself.

Her book is quite funny and does address the connection between our food and the planet. The relationship between how many resources go into serving what’s on our dish is definitely something we miss as we scroll down the grocery aisle in search of something for tonight’s dinner, or as we skim the menu for what we might have for tonight’s delight. It doesn’t inform us about the water it took to prepare the food or the affect it has on our planet to maintain this lifestyle of ease and convenience.

Yes! People need to start realizing that food isn’t just about satisfying your hunger. It’s a really powerful tool to heal and nourish your body. I feel younger than I did at 19, that’s for sure. I didn’t live then the way I do now. I feel more vibrant and more alive and more strong and just kind of more beautiful, I have to say. I’ve seen improvements in my skin, nails and internal health.—via EcoStiletto.com

She discusses a ‘Kind Diet’ that’s an intuitive way of looking at food, health and fitness. In the book, she breaks down the details of this plant-based diet that’s designed to ‘improve your health, help prevent disease, improve the environment and help you lose weight.’ In a user-friendly way, this book helps answer the ‘why’ you should eat right for your own health and for the health of our planet.

For those interested in finding an easy new way to explore eco-ifying your diet, this could be the next book for you! There are three paths for transforming your life through food that she offers: flirting, vegan and superhero. Each has a different focus and way of eating; the idea is to offer a plan that will meet you where you currently stand with food and lead you towards where you want to go.

So LUXies, what do you think?? Could this make it to your list of must-reads??

For those that have already picked up their own copy, please share with us your thoughts, impressions and opinions of this eco-hardcover!

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