Amazon to Strike Deals with Authors and Publishers for Kindle E-Read

Calling all avid e-readers! has just announced they’ll be raising the stakes for all self-published authors and independent publishers as a way to increase the number of book titles available via your tech-savvy device!

Not only are they looking to add more titles, but they’re also looking to keep the prices affordable! This is great news for all participating parties.

As for self-published authors and small publishers this means an opportunity for major exposure and expansion of their audience base. Not to mention, making more profit per book, which is an estimate of almost double what the previous rate was!

Now, with this new agreement there are also several areas that both authors and publishers must meet. The prices for the books must range from $2.99 to $9.99, and be at least 20% lower than any traditional book on the shelf anywhere!

So LUXies, stay tuned for more information this summer. As of now, over 400,000 book titles are available and this number is expected to increase! Starting in June, this new agreement should be in full effect.

What do you think of this new offer by Do you believe that e-reading is the way of the future, or will we always hold an affinity for the original hardcovers?

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