Amy Diaz Dishes on Love, Fashion and The Amazing Race

Sports, fashion and love are all hot topics with Amy Diaz, a former beauty queen who won The Amazing Race with her boyfriend, Jason Case. The super glam and super gorgeous Diaz took time out of her crazed schedule to talk to LadyLUX about how her life has changed since the couple's $1 million win of the 35,000-mile race was announced.

LadyLUX: Congratulations on your win. How has it been in the weeks since it was announced? Have people treated you differently?

Amy Diaz: Thank you! Jason and I are still on Cloud 9. We think about our adventure, the friendships we made, and actually winning The Amazing Race - it is surreal! We feel blessed our families, friends, and fans of the show have been incredibly supportive and genuinely excited for us.

LL: How did competing in the Amazing Race strengthen your relationship with Jason?

AD: Going into The Race we knew it would be an experience that would either break us or make us, and fortunately it brought us to much closer than we could ever imagine. We embraced being together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the duration of The Race. Can you imagine not being able to leave someone's side for a month? We took the opportunity to learn everything about each other: Our strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and worked on learning how to better balance and complement each other. When we started The Race, Jason and I had only been dating for a year, and by the end of The Race it felt like our relationship had been fast forwarded 5-10 years!

LL: What was your favorite part of the competition?

AD: My favorite was traveling! I love to travel and prior to The Race I had visited 20 countries! Although the circumstances during The Race didn't really allow us to completely soak in the countries we visited, it allowed me to get a taste of them. We definitely want to go back to a few of the countries we visited and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to travel around the world with Jason.
What was your least favorite part? My least favorite was not having total control of situations. Throughout The Race one can't predict what will happen with airplanes, taxis, weather, equipment, etc., and because of those unforeseen factors our placement in The Race was affected several times. It was frustrating, but we managed to stay focused on the ultimate goal and not be bothered with the pebbles along the way.

LL: Do people recognize you on the street now?

AD: We have been recognized here and there - airports, grocery store, but the best was at Disney World! It was very special to see little kids and their parents recognize us (even before we won) because The Race is their "family time on Sunday nights."

LL: You're a fashion fan, and we're a fashion website. Tell us about your style. What do you like to wear?

AD: My style! I love being comfortable, so it is not very often you will see me in very form-fitting clothes. I prefer to wear brighter colors. My "go-to" outfit is a dress. Belt it, put on heels, and voilà! I would probably describe my style as very feminine, a little glam, semi-retro, and polished. Yes, polished!

LL: Who are your favorite designers?

AD: Like many women, I am a shoe lover! I live for Christian Louboutin! My shoe closet has over 400 pairs of shoes, mostly heels (my mother says I was born in heels), and it is probably best for me not to tell you the number of Loubis I have - it's an addiction!

LL: What do you wear on a typical weekend day?

AD: In the winter, chunky sweater/tunic, leggings and tall boots. In the spring, summer and fall, you can find me in a dress.

LL: What's your favorite thing in your closet right now?

AD: My "go-to" item right now are my black jeggings. It is very cold in New England, so they keep me warm, are super comfy, and match just about every top, blazer, sweater and shoes/boots perfectly. They keep my "look" polished.

LL: Do you have multiples of any fashion pieces?

AD: Yes! Don't you? When I find something that fits and I love, I buy it in every color available! Isn't that a fashion rule?

LL: What's the oldest thing in your closet?

AD: I would have to say a red sweater dress I bought to wear at a holiday appearance during my reign as Miss Rhode Island USA. Before competing and winning the title, I went to college in Florida and when I packed up my car to drive back home, I donated 99 percent of my clothes! My car wasn't very big, so not only could I not fit everything, but I wanted to start fresh, and a Florida wardrobe wasn't going to be very practical in New England. I've kept that dress because it is a classic and there's a little sentimental attachment to it.

LL: I see you're a sports fan. Which teams are your favorites?

AD: Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins ... see the New England/Boston trend? I grew up cheering on these teams and their fans are the most passionate and loyal fans.

LL: Do you and Jason root for the same teams?

AD: Luckily, we do. We would have serious remote control issues on game days if he didn't.

LL: What's up next for you and Jason career wise?

AD: Jason is busy with his snow and ice management company and I am busy with different projects and events. My Woman of the Year campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will begin in a few weeks, so I am gearing up for that. Nevertheless, we are both open to exploring opportunities that are present to us, so we shall see what the future has in store.

LL: And we have to ask - any news of a pending engagement with Jason that you could share with our readers?

AD: If there's anything you know, that I obviously don't, please share! *wink wink*

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