Angel Chang’s Tech-infused Fashion on TV

Attention ‘Fashion-Forward’ LUXies, a new designer is in town or should I say on your television! Versatile, inspiring and aimed at making clothes for the ‘worldly woman on the go’, Angel Chang is definitely someone to watch. She infuses ‘innovative materials’ with high fashion, incorporating things such as self-heating linens, light-up fabrics, reversible designs and color-changing prints. This tech-infused fashion is definitely LUX!

Now with Bravo TV’s new reality series ‘The Fashion Show,’ you can do just that. Although, quite similar to the well-known Project Runway series this version does offer a ‘social viewing’ trend by utilizing the audience to select the weekly winner and then offers each week the chance to buy a version of the winning attire through

Angel Chang likes to quote Hungarian electrical engineer and inventor of the hologram Dennis Gabor: “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.” It’s a telling reference for a fashion designer who works with innovative, high-tech materials. –

This young, creative talent has had the opportunity to work with the likes of Donna Karan, Viktor & Rolf and Marc Jacobs. She started her own line in 2006 and within the first year of launching was rewarded the coveted ‘Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award and the prestigious Cartier Women’s Initiative Award.’

Fashion of the future will be extremely versatile and allow pieces to be worn in several different ways. Instead of wearing a button-down shirt one way, it will function more like a scarf and enable us to wear it in multiple ways. In this sense, the wearer will have even greater control over his/her look. –Angel Chang via Interview at


On the last episode of The Fashion Show, Chang transforms a normal button-down shirt into a ‘Siamese Twin Shirt Dress’ that left me craving more!! Luckily, she now offers everyone the chance to buy this amazing reversible cotton shirt dress directly through her website!!

As you can see, she is definitely someone to watch, quite literally as well as figuratively to see how the boundaries of technology and fashion can merge more fluidly!! She embodies the principal behind her designs and we here at LadyLUX are anxiously waiting for more…

To see more of her designs simply tune in to see Chang shine in the new Bravo TV show, ‘The Fashion Show'. To read the full interview, visit Business of Fashion.

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