Aromajewels: Gem of an idea

Taking the practice of aromatherapy into the realm of jewelry is a whole new concept, and is the brainchild of designer Kendra Grace. Since landing here in the mid-70s from Brazil, Grace helped launch aromatherapy to wide acclaim both here and the world over, believing wholeheartedly in its practice and its healing powers. Her line of fragrance-infused jewels, Aromajewels, are skillfully handcrafted crystals and gems with a miniature personal diffuser right inside. Yes, indeed, a gem of an idea.

Aromatherapy has become an accepted practice in the beauty world. The treatment, which uses floral and herbal substances to affect or alter a person’s mood or behavior, is now used on skin, hair, nails, and in the home. In our modern age, anything that soothes and heals is a welcome practice, and the properties in such products often replaces the harsh chemicals found in so many commercial treatments that line the shelves.

Grace’s aromatic jewelry is made up of a line of earrings, rings, and gemstone pendants. The essential oils are held within the jewel and released as one goes about one’s day (and stay filled even if the jewel is inverted). The effect is one that calms and energizes, while at the same time adorning the body with beautiful jewels. “Aromajewels are magical in the way that they can instantly become a personal heirloom, inspiring love and the connection to the aromatic nature of earth,” tells Grace of the line she created.

Quartz crystal moon pendants, heart pendants, and crystal earrings and spiral rings are just some of the gorgeous pieces created by Grace. She has even designed a Timeless Watch that allows one to lead the go-go life they need to, but stop and smell the roses along the way-literally: The watch is filled with a combination of the essential oils of Bulgarian damask and Moroccan centifolia roses. The watch releases especially well since it is situated on top of acupressure points located in one’s wrist. The dome is handcrafted of quartz crystal and sterling silver and comes with three interchangeable leather bands in silver, black, and rust.

Grace has also developed a line of aromatherapy fragrances and written a book, Aromatherapy, Crystals, and Vibrational Healing, as well as The Aromatherapy Pocketbook, released in 1994 and 1999, as well as putting out a DVD, “Precious Essences.” Her writings on aromatherapy are also available in Spanish and in her native language of Portuguese.

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