Art Inspired by Water:  ‘Take Me To The River’ Project

LUXies, what could be better then the combination of collaboration, art and culture??

A special art exhibition, ‘Take Me To The River’, was created as a means to promote greater understanding between nations and people of diverse backgrounds. Collectively, these artists, sculptors, and photographers joined to ‘create a bridge across borders’ depicting both the differences and the similarities between people of different countries all through the common medium of art!! Simply LUX-tastic!! wink

The river was chosen by the founding members as the metaphoric, unifying theme of the artwork, because of the positive, life-affirming connotations of “river,” and for the role in history the river has played as a primary source of commerce and interchange between nations and cultures, and, thus, a critical means of bridging distances between different religions, politics and philosophies. –via

Started back in 2001, it has grown to include representation in at least 7 different countries, which include Brazil, Egypt, Cuba, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, and the United States and has over 21 member artists. This multidisciplinary traveling exhibit is accustom to visiting country to country to display there artwork. Each local venue also includes a few localized artists as well, where at least one of them will be asked to be a permanent member of the Take Me To The River Project!

Next stop, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania! This will be an exhibition and a community outreach project!! wink

As you can see, this art project signifies a world that is aimed at finding ways to collaborate and work together by leveraging our differences to educate!! Here at LadyLUX we adore people that use their passion to create a positive difference in the world!! What could be more LUX?!?

Be sure to visit the website, and see the collection for yourself at


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