Avril Lavigne Releases New Signature Scent & Children Fashion Line

Calling all LUXies looking for ‘rock and roll’ inspiration for their little ones! That’s right, Avril Lavigne has found a cute, fun way to adapt her ‘Abbey Dawn’ line just for those under the age of 5.

Aimed to hit Kohl’s stores next week, this collection will offer everything for your inner rock star, but of course with a softer side.

“We have a really cute zebra hoodie with ears,” Lavigne says, “and I’m like, ‘Can I fit into the extra-large? Because I really like these!’”

Not to mention, she’s also releasing something for all of us LUXies over the age of 5 to enjoy, ‘Black Star.’ In collaboration with Proctor & Gamble, she has crafted a fragrance that is meant to indulge your senses and allow you to make your own fashion statement!!

With Avril’s clothing extension, new fragrance and new album coming out we wonder how she even finds time to be as creative as she is!!

“I mix rock and roll elements with high-end stuff now—I love Chanel,” she says. “I’m just more feminine now, but my style still has everything I’ve ever liked.”

We love to see people take action in their life and it seems Avril is refining and evolving her fashion statement as it reflects in her many endeavors!!

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