Beauty Box: TEMPTU Offers Foolproof System to Your Makeup Routine

Imagine your own Hollywood look without the cost of your own personal makeup artist!!

Well LUXies, that's exactly what's possible with the new TEMPTU airbrush system made just for the individual consumer. This New York-based professional makeup company has taken their expertise in airbrush technology for film and print to create a professional, easy to use system to LUX-ify your makeup process. PLUS, this new technology is portable, foolproof and self-cleaning.

“I never felt that [these items] were right for the consumer. It’s too complicated. I have always envisioned a system where there is no cleaning, where self-contained pods pop onto a handle. This is a breakthrough with its simplification,” saidMichael Benjamin, TEMPTU CEO.

Expect to pay about $225 for the entire revolutionizing system with four air pod options: foundation, highlighter, blush or powder. Each ‘air pod’ ranges from $30-$55. Sephora experts will also be offering you product training to help you be your own Temptu makeup artist, including a DVD how-to system! Now available online at Sephora.com and available in stores come September.

So LUX Nation, does this innovative airbrush technology that offers you the ‘flawless’ look usually only available to those in the entertainment industry tempt you to invest??

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