Beauty Box: TheFairest.com to Launch One Stop Beauty Retail

LUX Glamazons, I hope you’re as excited by this news as we are! Soon we’ll have a one stop shop for all our beauty needs to supply prestigious and coveted beauty brands we’ve come to know, love, and depend on!

Well, at least that is the goal of ‘TheFairest.com’ web site launching September 1. The brainchild of Charles Perer and Mark Stiller, it will offer products in a variety of categories: skin care, hair care, body care, and color cosmetics.

This online resource is meant to stand apart from the competition by offering strong brands an opportunity to be offered to you, the LUX consumer, all at one place and at greatly reduced pricing!! Now that’s what we call a LUX-tastic offer.

“It is not TJ Maxx,” said Shelly Hunt, Brand Expert, pointing out that Stila, Tarte, Jurlique, Cosmedicine, Korres, Skyn Iceland, Fusion, Butter London and Juara have jumped on board TheFairest.com. “I definitely see this as being a new opportunity for brands. It wasn’t something anyone would consider years ago. QVC was not a consideration years ago and look at it now.”

To attract all the big names and unique high-end brands, they have created a competitive marketing model towards brands needing to include a more interactive touch point with their clients. A great resource for LUXies because this will be a sight that offers all the new and best items without even having to leave your keyboard.

Expect to find tips, links to beauty bloggers and interactive components that extend a way for your opinion to matter! It seems they’re trying to be the next Amazon, but in the beauty industry!! Very cool. We definitely support TheFairest.com and are looking forward to trying it once it’s live.

So LUXies, we would love to know what you think!! Do you currently shop online? And would you be willing to trying NEW products at these prices or stay with your preferred brands???

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