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Excited to hit the beach the weekend? Even though you have the perfect polka dot bikini and straw tote, you might be concerned about one little thing… blinding your fellow beachgoers. As we mentioned last week, SPF is super important so instead of ditching protection and burning your skin, opt for a healthy glow with these great bronzers. This way you'll have a fresh face for the next forty years and won't have the wrinkles to prove it. Plus, the beautiful iridescent powders in metallic compacts are too cute to pass up.

1. Bronzing Powder by Nars
In natural hues, for light and dark skin tones, Nars' bronzer has won a ton of beauty awards from major mags for their amazing powder bronzers. Apply either of the shades and your friends will expect you just got off your trip from St. Thomas.

2. 10 Bronzer by Benefit
The San Francisco-based beauty company always adds some old-fashioned ingenuity to all their products, whether it's a funky color or a fun name. This time they hit a whole run when they combined two great shades, a shimmering pink with a beachy bronze for a perfect “10”. Avoid that muddy faux tan look by adding a cute pink sheen to the cheeks!

3. Bronzed Pressed Powder by Laura Mercier
Known for her wonderful skin-loving beauty products, this sheer bronzer leaves the face flawless and soft even after a few applications. Don't worry about getting to the beach on time when you can get some sun in the convenience of your bathroom.

4. Poudre Soleil Sun-Kissed Bronzing Powder by Lancome
Available in three wonderful shades—riche, solaire and lumiere—the french beauty brand's bronzer will leave you looking like you just left the sands of St. Tropez… without the pricey flight or the painful sunburn.

5. Mineral Powder Bronzer by Tarte
This 100% natural mineral powder is not only totally healthy (it lacks parabens, sulfates, synthetic scents and petro chemicals) but it's completely adorable in a shimmering gold leather compact. Enjoy everything the earth has to offer… without getting too kissed by the sun.

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