Bec Astley Clarke debuts in-house collections

Bec Astley Clarke has become synonymous with fine jewelry. Based in London, sells jewelry from designers such as Shaun Lee, Pippa Small and Carolina Bucci to international clients. As of this summer, Astley Clarke will now add in-house collections to their e-commerce web site. Six are already online, while three are noted as “coming soon.” Clarke told WWD she plans to debut 14 collections by November.

Instead of competing with the designers she features on her site, Clarke is aiming to bridge gaps she sees between designers and their clients. Almost half of the collections are already open to the public—Astley Clarke Couture, The Takara Collection, The Arvalli Collection, AC Diamonds, Como Blonde Gems and AC Colour—and each is unique and extremely cohesive, containing a common element that is immediately visible in each piece. Takara, in the image above, is one of the more modern collections, which features pave covered rings in bright gems such as pink sapphire and ruby. Each collection has a different personality in mind. AC Colour is simple and preppy with gold pieces inlayed with bright enamels whereas Astley Clarke Couture is traditional, with settings perfect for bridal and special occasions.

In regards to the new move, Clarke told WWD, “One of the collections we’re doing is ‘staples for the jewelry box.’ Most designers have an iconic look, they don’t want to do a silver-stud earring.”

Their same-day London service and reputation for luxury accessories has garnered a celebrity following. “Nicole Kidman ordered Carolina Bucci sparkle gold bangles when she was shooting the film ‘The Golden Compass' in the winter of 2006. Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife, Sarah, are regular customers,” WWD reported. Clarke tweeted about a new high profile client that is purchasing their jewelry. “We love Ivanka Trump who's been shopping Astley Clarke's new collections,” she said on July 9.

The British jeweler suspects the new signature collections could boast as much as 20 percent of online sales and believes their loyal customers will treat the new collections as a great opportunity to invest in more fine items.

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Astley Clarke/Purple Neon for LadyLux

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