Wellness Wednesday: Benefits Of Burpees

There’s only a few more weeks left until it officially becomes summer, so we all have limited time to really kick our workouts up a notch. We’ve gone over how good planking can be for your body, but another full body exercise that you need to know is the exercise known as a burpee. Don’t let the name deter you from how powerful this workout truly is because it certainly packs a punch and burns a ton of calories. Learn why the burpee is the go-to exercise for fitness gurus, and how you can achieve the best form. 

Wellness Wednesday: Benefits Of Burpees


The best part of implementing a burpee into your exercise regimen is how quickly and effectively they burn calories. The reason is because you are using your entire body to do just a single burpee. From your glutes to your triceps and abs, you’re using a lot of muscles while doing this exercise. Though the main function of a burpee is how many calories they burn, they are still making you strong by working so many muscle groups. Another positive is that there’s no equipment that’s needed, you can perform a burpee anywhere, whether you prefer the comfort of your own home or the gym. 

Wellness Wednesday: Benefits Of Burpees

The Right Way:

Burpees are easy to do, but it’s important you have the right form. Begin by standing up straight with your legs hip width apart. Move into a squat position and place your hands on the floor. Hop back and get into a plank position, perform a single push up, and hop back to stand on your feet. Once you’ve quickly gotten your feet back to the starting position, perform one last jump and you’ve just done one burpee.


Tips to Avoid Injury:

With any exercise there’s a risk for injury, and with burpees in particular it’s important you don’t strain your back. Maintain a neutral spine and make sure the movement is directed from your hips and not your back. Improve hip mobility by using a bench to place your hands on instead of the floor, as this will encourage you to move through the hips. 


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