‘Body as the Temple’ Inspired Calendar for 2010

Well-known yoga photographer, Jasper Johal inspires us all to connect back to our ‘body’ as our temple with these amazing shots!

His genius with light and shading, putting the emphasis on the actual body as art is truly remarkable. This wonderful collection of yoga poses captured in the nude is definitely worth checking out.

Each picture captures the poses of different, ordinary yoga-enthusiasts in an artistic form though nude. The nudity is not at the forefront of these images, since they’re captured with a lens of purity and appreciation for the body that’s reflected in the angles, shading and essence of each of the pictures.

The black and white theme definitely makes for the transition from calendar to wall art more possible for those with a more contemporary flair. Printed with a special process which allows for exceptional color and depth, this is one of the highest quality calendars in print!

If you feel inspired to see the images visit Jasper Johal’s official website. Know that if you’re interested in purchasing the ‘Body as Temple’ Calendar you can do that there as well.

So LUXies, what do you think? Does this nude yoga calendar seem tasteful to you?

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