British Harper’s Bazaar Cover Girl:  Victoria Beckham

The Hollywood maven, Victoria Beckham, graces the cover of British Harper’s Bazaar not once, but twice with one of her most elegant shots yet!

Each picture captures the chic GLAM that she embodies. Bazaar elegantly features her on the outside, though it’s the depths of the interview inside that will help you gain a glimpse into the life of Beckham. The interview might be more than you expected. From her obsession with shoes, to her talk of the long road to the life she can now call her dream life; Beckham gives a heartfelt interview.

Marc Jacobs adds, “Her love for fashion goes way beyond just getting dressed. She is as meticulous in what she creates as she has been in her own self-creation.”

It’s with this ‘meticulous’ drive that will be the creative force behind her new venture into the fashion industry. Now holding the space for designer, she feels this is the role that she was made for. Her brand is distinct and some have a love/hate relationship with her, but she’s still world-renowned and this recognition will play well with the success of her new business.

So LUXies, what do you think of the cover shots? Perhaps, you have an opinion or insight about this Hollywood icon turned fashion designer? Based on Beckham’s personal style statement, would you become a fan of her ‘Posh’ designs?

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