C. Wonder Revamps Website

The fast-growing label C. Wonder has relaunched its website as of Monday, including creating the new Monogram Shop, an area focused on monogramming almost 60 products, reported WWD.

The roughly two-year-old brand owns 13 permanent stores and four summer pop-up shops and has another nine locations scheduled to open by the end of 2013. An additional 20 doors should be opening next year, half of which are situated abroad.

But for Chris Burch, it is all about being online. “If I could have 75 percent of the business online, I’d be happy, but that won’t happen,” he said to WWD.

Right now, approximately 25 percent of the brand’s proceeds come from online sales through the label’s website.

Burch declared the Monogram Shop was “critical” to the revamp – which mostly occurred on the back end – a standout crucial as the winter holidays approach. Shoppers are able to monogram almost anything of their choosing, such as cardigans, jeans, jewelry, totes, plates and a wine stopper. Available for $10, monogramming requires two weeks.

Burch hopes to establish a connection between the feel of the store and the feel of the webpage. “We weren’t coordinated on all levels,” he said. “We want to fulfill the front end and execute on the back end. We listen to consumers.”

The design of the new site isn’t that far off from the former because the upgrades mostly occurred on the back end. One new option is next-day shipping, available at $25 in comparison to ground shipping for $8.50. The site also boasts some videos of products and a range of customer reviews.

“We wanted more sticky content,” Burch said of the blog.

Burch declared he intends to concentrate on mobile for 2014, also asserting he will target mobile before next year in order to respond to demand from shoppers using multiple devices.

CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Burch sold 10 percent of C. Wonder to investment company Fidelity in early 2013.

C. Wonder is no stranger to some rough seas. Burch’s ex-wife, Tory Burch, accused him of stealing designs from her brand, which the two worked out in some December lawsuits. Burch refused to disclose whether he intends to sell more of his portion in Tory Burch.

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