Cannes Film Festival in French Riviera till May 24th

The world’s ultimate LUX film festival, Cannes, begins today on the French Riviera and will run through May 24. Since this event is known to attract the who’s who of the elite, expect amazing photo opportunities on the red carpet staircase of the Palais des Festivals. We expect the glitz and glam to continue with talented filmmakers such as Ken Loach, Steven Soderbergh, Jane Campion, Pedro Almodóvar, Ang Lee, Lars von Trier and Terry Gilliam in attendance. With parties from dusk till dawn, even this economic landscape couldn’t keep most away!

One of the biggest milestones this year revolves around which film was selected for the opening night spot. It seems for the first time in the 62-year history a 3D animated film has taken this spot! Although, it is nothing new to have animated films showcased at the festival, this Disney-Pixar film Up will be the first to secure this coveted spot on opening day. Other famous animated films showcased at this venue include Shrek and Dumbo. From the makers of Toy Story and the director of Monsters Inc, it seems LUXies, we might just have another hit on our hands! At least we know Disney-Pixar hope so. wink

On top of this 3D wonder, Cannes promises to live up to its reputation to showcase first-class films. Quentin Tarantino will showcase his new film about the Second World War, Inglourious Basterds, staring Brad Pitt. Penelope Cruz, looks stunning in the film by Almodovar, Broken Embraces and much, much more! Be sure to check back for highlights of this year’s festivities LUX-style! wink

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