C&A’s FashionLike displays clothing hangers with real-time Facebook Likes

Merging retail fashion with technology, Brazilian retailer C&A is offering fashion feedback on their clothing via Facebook, as reported by Mashable. The marketing initiative, called FashionLike, has screens embedded onto special clothing hangers that tally the thumb-ups in real time every time someone ‘likes’ a clothing item at C&A Brazil’s online site. With the new tool, indecisive shoppers or those that need a second opinion, can take the social input into consideration as they browse through the store racks and contemplate on buying a shirt with over 1,000 likes or go with an understated option with a few hundred likes.

Social media is already widely used throughout the fashion community, but not quite in this manner. Last month, Stussy’s campaign promised that a model dressed for winter would shed layers of clothing according to how many likes the campaign generated on Facebook. Companies have also crowd-source design feedback from the masses online or have hired online personalities as spokesmodels.

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FashionLike does have a few stumbling blocks; including customers can easily accidently switch items between hangers. But regardless the issues, C&A’s effort is an interesting method of infusing Facebook with the real world.

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