Chirpify: A New Way To Shop Online

Online shopping is already easy, but it just became even simpler with the introduction of Chirpify, a new social commerce site. Online shopping is an obvious go-to for savvy consumers and Chirpify has profited off this in an innovative way by tapping into the fact that most people have at least one social media account.

What makes Chirpify interesting is how it makes it easy for consumers to purchase products. Many people follow brands via social media and each day, they see the companies advertising products. The catch is, in order to purchase the product, a customer would typically visit that company’s website to make a transaction. To simplify this, Chirpify acts as the middleman and ensures the customer will get the item with one word: buy.

To use this service, a user needs a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account, as well as a credit card or PayPal account. The process is seamless. When signing up with Chirpify, a user enters their credit card information, or provides access to their PayPal account. Once an account is created on Chirpify, a user adds their address and clothing and shoe sizes to speed up future transactions.

Brands are even working with Chirpify to conduct social ecommerce campaigns to promote their products. The service allows payments to be made via Twitter, as long as both parties are members of Chirpify. The company is also partnering with charities, in a similar fashion to the text campaigns of the Red Cross that raise money for disasters around the world. Charities can receive donations through social media sites with a donor’s tweet or comment.

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