Dairyface: New line of natural skincare based on yogurt

It’s made of yogurt, and it will be available at high-end grocers. But it is not to eat. It is for your skin. Dairyface, a new collection of skincare products formulated from yogurt, will hit stores this month, reported WWD.

Already being sold online, the line is expected to reach sales of $1 million in just the first year.

“We want to remind people that everything they need to feel and look beautiful can be found in nature, their fridge and in the mirror,” Dairyface’s founder Oksana Panasenko said to WWD.

Panasenko has believed in the healing power of yogurt since her childhood in Turkmenistan, when she tried a traditional acne treatment: fermented dairy and natural herbs. The mixture was dramatically successful, eliminating her pimples and diminishing scarring and redness.

At first, creating skin care was simply a hobby. But eventually Panasenko quit her job as a TV network executive in Russia, moved to Canada and collaborated with cosmetic chemists and dairy microbiologists to make a collection of cosmetics from food products, without using chemicals or preservatives. (As the cosmetics must be refrigerated, preservatives are unnecessary.)

The line currently contains her key product Nourishing Facial Refresher, offered in five versions: Peppermint Crème, orange- and chamomile-based Glad Allover, Green Tea Magic, Lavender Lovely, and Eye Caramba with olive and avocado.

Although the label says “facial,” the refresher can be applied anywhere on the body – even hair.
“[The rich formulas] communicate with deep layers of the skin,” Panasenko said to WWD, noting the product contains nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, C and B12.

Able to stay potent for six weeks if refrigerated, the initial five masks retail for $19 for a two-pack. A few months down the road, Panasenko intends to launch more products that again will be natural, eco-friendly and perishable.

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