Dating 101: Find Athletic, Fit Guys Online

Get the hot guys to respond

Tired of all the guys who respond to your ad being worthy of taking a hike, rather than taking one with you? Then use these tips to find out how to attract workout-minded guys online.

Dating 101: Find Athletic, Fit Guys Online

Finding the fit guys

Dating online is always a mixed bag. Both fit and not-so-fit guys respond to your profile if you're pretty and in good shape yourself. Rather than get annoyed that your inbox is being clogged with emails from guys you wouldn't want to date, figure out how to attract more like-minded individuals.

And remember, don't be rude to those you don't want to date. You are advertising yourself as someone looking for a partner, and if you have an appealing profile, you will get responses. But maximizing your ability to bring in those responses from men you would consider dating is key. It's tough to stand out in the busy online dating market.

Relationship expert Lori Bizzoco, founder of, shared her tips to attract fit guys:

Post fitness pictures: In order to attract fit guys online, you should update your online dating profile to include photos of you being active and participating in activities like mountain climbing, biking, running marathons, etc. It’s a subtle way for you to show that you lead an exercise-oriented lifestyle. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so a single photo from a recent hike will go a long way.

Incorporate fitness/nutrition into your biography: When you're describing yourself in your profile, include something about the priority that healthy habits play in your own life. You can mention that you attend yoga class three times a week or that you're a member of your local running club. This will show your dedication to having an active lifestyle and also create common ground for potential partners. For example, you could write something like: "I'm a 25-year-old woman in search of a partner who would enjoy running marathons together and isn’t afraid to climb mountains, go on biking adventures, and be constantly on the move."

Ask about exercising: When talking to potential partners, you should ask what activities they like to do in their spare time. This is an indirect approach to finding out whether or not the man values and maintains an active lifestyle. Something as simple as “Would you rather have a movie marathon or go for a hike on your day off?” or "What is your favorite thing to do outdoors?" can provide answers that are indicators of his personality.

Dating 101: Find Athletic, Fit Guys Online

Working it

Scott Valdez, founder of Virtual Dating Assistants, offered his suggestions from a male perspective:

Work those pictures: Humans are visual creatures. Let’s face it – most of us go straight to the picture. If you want to attract an active guy, make sure that at least one of your pictures (preferably your primary one) is of you doing something active. Doesn’t matter what it is – a color run, a kayaking excursion, a cool yoga pose, a wave from the climbing wall – as long as it emphasizes that you lead and value an active lifestyle. You don’t have to be a triathlete, either – your pic might be from a leisurely 20-minute bike ride around your neighborhood, but he doesn’t have to know that! Don’t worry too much about not showing off your pretty face: if your “activity” picture is interesting enough, guys will click over to see the rest of your photos.

Work the power of the common interest: Some websites have a specially designated area for common interests. It doesn’t matter how generic you think you’ll sound – if you’re looking for an active guy, make sure you mark yourself as interested in anything that sounds even remotely active. That way, when he searches by interest or just lands on your profile by chance, you have these interests in common. An active gentleman will be more likely to message you if he thinks you could be his 6 a.m. jogging buddy, even if you’d rather sleep in.

Work the power of the search: Many websites, like OkCupid, will let users search by keywords. Make sure that your profile is littered with activity keywords – anything from “running” to “yoga” to “’dancing” to “outside” will work.  That way, when a yoga-loving gentleman searches for his yogi soulmate, you’ll be the first in line. You don’t have to lie or exaggerate, either – portray yourself honestly, just emphasize the activities you already enjoy.

Answer those questions: Every website has some variant of the lifestyle question. On, the question is a straightforward “how many times a week do you exercise;” on OkCupid, you have a little more flexibility in terms of what questions you want to answer. If you’re looking for a fit guy, answer as many lifestyle questions as you can. Again, tell the truth – don’t tell that you work out five times a week if you’re secretly a couch potato – but chances are, if you’re looking for a fit guy, you make some time for exercise. Don’t be afraid to talk about that in your online dating profiles. Like calls to like – fit guys want to meet active girls, so emphasize how active you are.

To Thine Own Self Be True: We never, ever advocate catfishing or lying about yourself online. If you’re looking for a fit guy but aren’t fit/active yourself, now’s the perfect time to get more in shape and get some fun activities under your belt. Do it with a friend, a family member, a co-worker – anyone who will make it fun and hopefully take a picture or two of you in your cute gym clothes for your online dating profile.

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