Designer Louboutin Re-designs Less ‘fat legs’ for New Barbie Doll

French designer Christian Louboutin will soon reveal three new ‘Barbie’ dolls to mark the 50th Anniversary of our childhood pastime!

Though, expect a few tweaks from the fashion genius. Through the process of designing the attire for the infamous doll, the designer found that her legs were a bit oversized for his liking and took it upon himself to create a version of Barbie with much more ideal ‘stems.’

But fashion designer Mr. Louboutin, whose luxury shoes retail for up to £1,500, thinks the model has ‘cankles', or fat ankles, and is planning to make his three new dolls even slimmer. –states the Telegraph.co.uk

Mattel’s most popular toy is not new to the face of controversy. Many have complained of her body proportions in the past. Saying that they perpetuate unhealthy body images for young girls.

A Louboutin spokeswoman told Metro: “They're completely wild and even come with mini Louboutin boxes for the shoes.” But, she added: “He found her ankles were too fat.”

It seems these new dolls will soon hit shelves and expect them to have all of the high-end style we have grown to love from Louboutin. Though, some speculate that this re-design was unnecessary and could begin to ruffle some more feathers!

LUXies, we would love to hear your impressions! What do you think of this new design of the iconic doll? Do you think the previous legs, as shown above, fit your idea of ‘cankles’?

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