DisneyNature Partners With Nature Conservancy

Back in March, DisneyNature made a public commitment to plant a tree for each ticket sold to their movie EARTH. Many questioned the marketing ploy and wanted “solid proof” of how they planned to fulfill this agreement. Well LUXies, the answer is in the newly announced partnership with Nature Conservancy! A formal agreement has just been signed between the two heavy-hitters to plant 2.7 million trees in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest to represent the box office numbers! Now that is what we call, eco-LUX.

“Disney has created a spectacular portrait of our planet with DisneyNature’s ‘EARTH’ and demonstrated their commitment to the planet by supporting our ambitious, large-scale reforestation effort to restore and preserve the magnificent Atlantic Forest,” said Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. “We applaud Disney for their contribution to our effort to plant and restore one billion trees by 2015 in the Atlantic Forest, a global conservation priority area of rich biodiversity.” –

With The Nature Conservancy already having an active campaign to “Plant a Billion Trees” and DisneyNature needing an effective method to fulfill their public commitment this partnership between the two companies is simply a match made in heaven!

Here at LadyLUX we are pleased to see that The Atlantic Forest is getting the much needed love it deserves. wink This endangered area only has 7% of the original forest in tact and houses about 60% of Brazil’s endangered species. It is also a major source of “clean drinking water to over 120 million people.” Now that is what we call an environmental LUX solution, good for the sake of good! wink

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