Living La ‘Dolce Diva,’ Vogue Germany September ’09 Photo Montage

These dolls are definitely living the beautiful life, as true fashion divas should! Travel the streets of Berlin as this fashion homage explores the scene behind the lens of a camera! Interesting, a balance of dark and light, and in true Vogue fashion, sumptuously captivating.

Captured by Norbert Schoerner for the September issue of Vogue Germany, it definitely showcases three elegant beauties: Luca Gadjus, Masha Novoselova and Emma Mclaren. Aptly titled, ‘Dolce Diva,’ this photomontage deserves a standing ovation for ringing in the fall season and with its rich colors, outstanding cuts, and soulful fabrics!

Shots such as these truly demonstrate fashion as art and encourage us to rejoice that September is here!!

We would love to hear what you think LUX-fashionistas!! Does this homage hit the sweet spot or not?

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Norbert Schoerner/TFS

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