Donatella Versace: Her Thoughts on the NOW of Today’s Fashion

LUX-fashionistas, we came across this revealing interview that sheds light into today’s quickly evolving fashion landscape, from couture iconic herself, Donatella Versace!

One of the most insightful statements is her take on creativity. Apparently, when she first started within the fashion industry it was more about creative expression compared to how it stands present moment. In today’s world, the value of your ‘art’ or ‘concepts’ seems to be much more dependent on how it will be perceived by the target market. The consumer’s response is now much more of the gauge of relevance of creativity than the actual act of creating one’s collections. Giving weight to how powerful our own individual consumer power truly is. We are a powerful component in the fashion industry and therefore, LUX Nation your style statements are key into who you endorse!!

Versace also highlights one of her greatest loves of fashion:

“Expressing myself creatively by mixing different artistic worlds, for instance music, art, theatre and cinema.”

Honoring fashion as an art form is a powerful concept. The crossover between art forms can even be more influential, especially is such changing times. For instance, she referenced even how her love of music has influenced her collections in design and expression. A great example is how her ‘Versus’ collection reflects her love of rock music, since that is the genre that she engaged in through the designing process.

In this economic condition, the challenges in fashion present an opportunity to take more risks and yet, to stay true to the DNA of the brand. We must agree that changing times are usually present when we are pushed to be more of ourselves then ever before. This is incredibly apparent in Donatella’s designs!!

So LUXies, how has fashion influenced you and your expression of self?

To read the full interview with Donatalla Versace visit the Times Online.

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