Dove campaign goes on the offensive against negative social media ads

Skincare label, Dove, has just adopted a new advertising campaign to continue encouraging women to feel good about their bodies, reported Creativity Online. Dove and Ogilvy Australia have partnered to launch the Ad Makeover, a Facebook app that enables Australian users to bring more positive body images to Facebook ad spaces. This will help Facebook friends get a healthier dose of confidence the next time they log on to the social networking site.

In a video posted on the company’s YouTube account, Dove explains how the app works. According to the video, “Dove discovered that only four percent of women believe that they're beautiful ... We decided to do something about it. Dove created the Ad Makeover, a Facebook application that lets you replace those feel-bad ads with messages designed to make women feel good instead.” An example of a feel-good message is, “The perfect bum is the one you’re sitting on.”

Although the video suggests that the app can “delete” negative ads and replace them with the positive Dove ads, users cannot choose who will see the ad. Users can create their own uplifting images and Dove will purchase more ad space, which will leave less room for other advertisers with damaging messages.

In 2004, the company began its Dove Real Beauty Campaign to reinforce the beauty of real women. In 2010, Dove widened its target audience to help mentor girls and the next generation of women in the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem. The Ad Makeover caters specifically to the social media platform, seeking to decrease ad space featuring unrealistic body images.

As just the first step of the company’s efforts to promote more positive advertising in social media, the campaign sounds promising.

To learn more about Dove and its products, visit and the Dove Facebook page.

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