Dr. Zhai Utilizes Eastern Medicine To Treat Infertility Patients with Successful Results

With today’s expanding world, we have many more modalities of health care and healing available to us. As is the case with Dr. Zhai, who back in 1995, started a practice that used acupuncture and other forms of Eastern practice to help women fulfill a life long dream of becoming mothers.

Where most infertility clinics claim about 38.8% success rate on average, Dr. Zhai holds a rate of about 70% with nontraditional means. Not to mention, many of the women she has success with are over the age of 37 and most wouldn’t even meet the standards for treatment from traditional clinics! Now that’s simply amazing and what some might call a ‘miracle worker.’ The numbers alone have caused many to stop and give validation to her unorthodox methods of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Demand for her services continue to grow and are even fueled by some well-known medical professionals who now refer her clients. Such as Dr. Dooley, gynecologist and fertility consultant in London, who has come to respect Dr. Zhai’s practice and even sends many of his most difficult cases to her, with complete trust in their care.

I don't know what she does,” Dooley told reporter. “I don't understand it at all, but her results are amazing and I'm keeping an open mind.” He'd begun sending his most difficult patients to her, many of them poor candidates for IVF due to age or egg supply or FSH levels (a measure of the perimenopause).

Dr. Zhai is unique in her craft because she has also been trained in western medicine in China and combines both methods for the success of her patients. Many experts believe this is what makes her so unique. She can speak the language of traditional medicine, but also bring in her own trusted form of care. Her phenomenal success continues to validate her approach and she’s being even more sought after as a speaker. For instance, next month she’ll be the keynote at the Fertility Show in London, which is a huge accomplishment and very validating to her craft!

‘‘When I tell a couple they do not need to waste their time and money on IVF, I know what I'm talking about,” Zhai says. “Often it is a matter of clearing the system, increasing the blood supply to the ovaries, and restoring a level of general health in order to make pregnancy possible. Men are very easy to treat – sperm counts can improve very quickly – but I always treat the man and the woman to make sure there is optimum health.”

Dr. Zhai is a great example of a powerful woman with a strong conviction. She was willing to be a pioneer in her field by taking the road less traveled, much less accepted.

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So LUXies, what do you think of being a maverick and shifting the norm of traditions in medicine? We’d love to hear your thoughts on unorthodox practices; would you be willing to explore out of the box methods, such as traditional Chinese practices?

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