‘Echoes’ of Apollo Project:  Be a Part of History

Calling all LUXies who have ever dreamed of being in space or walking on the moon! That’s right, you now have an opportunity of a lifetime to have your ‘voice’ be a part of a historic event. This communication project involves what’s affectionately referred to as ‘Moon Bounce’ and you would be joining the ranks of President Eisenhower who ‘bounced his voice off the moon’ in 1959 to congratulate Canada on opening the Prince Albert Radar Laboratory.

“The transmission of this message by way of the moon—a distance of almost half a million miles—emphasizes the technical important of your new laboratory and is a specific illustration of the scientific cooperation between Canada and the United States.” –President Eisenhower, via

In honor of the celebration of the Apollo 11 mission and man’s moon landing on July 20th, 1969, The Echoes of Apollo project has coordinated one of the most memorable events called the ‘World Moon Bounce Day.’ Utilizing what is technically known as Earth-Moon-Earth transmissions (EME) people from around the world will be able to communicate from space!! Simply LUX-tastic!! wink

On Saturday, June 27th several of the world’s satellites will be tracking the moon as it rises to bounce signal transmissions from the moon back to the earth in 2.5 seconds. The number of dishes communicating on this day will possibly surpass the lunar landings and break the record! It will also be covered via web video on ‘The Apollo Project’ website allowing all you LUXies to be a part of this event regardless if your submission is selected!!!

“We are actually sending out radio waves and shaking the electrons of the atoms of the dirt on the moon a quarter of a million miles away,” said Pat Barthelow, a ham radio operator for 43 years and the founder of the moon-bounce project. “We are jiggling moon dust and there’s enough energy to send back radio waves to us which we convert back to voices. To me that’s pretty profound.” –via

So now how you can be a part of this memorable event? Well, one lucky reader of will be selected to be a part of this moon bounce communication! You must submit your most noteworthy Tweet to @wiredscience or e-mail to be one of the lucky readers to send your message to the moon!!

To learn more, visit the Echoes of Apollo Project. LUX Nation, be sure to tune in on June 27th on the website in order to be a part of making this the most influential global moon project to date.

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