Eco-Chic:  Upcycle Your Cashmere Sweater

Eco-LUXies, looking for a cool creative way to ‘upcycle’ and turn your favorite cashmere sweater into an exquisite gift? Well, ‘Teddylux’ now offers you the opportunity to do just that with their especially handcrafted stuff toys! There are three designs you can choose: the traditional ‘teddy bear,’ a bunny, or an elephant. This is what we call eco-chic in true LUX fashion!!

Now you might be asking, what is ‘upcycling?’ According to William McDonough and Michel Braungart who coined the term, it’s ‘a component of sustainability in which waste materials are used to provide new products; considered a reinvestment in the environment by taking something normally disposable and transforming it into something of even greater value.’

Hand-picked cashmere sweaters are given new life as unique teddy bears, bunnies, and elephants to be treasured for years to come. Since 2004, designer Brooke Serson Cernonok has handcrafted each one-of -a-kind stuffed toy, combining the softest colored cashmeres with modern grosgrain ribbons, button or recycled suede/leather noses. The vintage cashmere is extra soft, luxurious, and earth friendly. –via

There are two options to purchase this super posh ‘upcycled’ gift, you can either create one directly through their website or make it a bit more exclusive and use your own ‘previously loved’ cashmere sweater to make your one-of-a-kind design. A Teddylux consultant will assess the sweater and determine the specifics for your customized toy. Regardless of the method you prefer, this treasured heirloom will cost around $50-60 per stuffed animal. Can you think of a more FAB way to use last year’s FAB sweater?

There are some exceptions for you cashmere mafia divas! In order for the sweater to be properly ‘upcycled,’ it must not be white, cream or black in color; it must be machine sewn, not hand sewn, and it has to be smooth or cable knit and not ribbed. So look through those drawers and find a cashmere sweater that fits the bill and repurposed into a cool, handmade treasure!! The perfect way to give back two-fold!!

For more information, visit Teddylux.


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