Earthkeepers Game, New on Facebook

Who said ‘Green’ couldn’t be fun? ‘Earthkeepers Hero-Mission Possible’ game just launched on Facebook, and challenges every player on their eco-knowledge and rewards points based on performance! Created by Timberland and Changents, it offers an eco-twist to this social media site!!

True to the name, it offers mini-missions to complete in order to advance to a new level. These missions are meant to make you an eco-change agent! There are 10 levels total and each has 3 missions apiece—once you complete all 30 missions you become one of the Hall of Famers.

According to Timberland, “using Facebook as a gateway to Timerland’s Earthkeeping movement, players will discover and interact with real-world Earthkeeper Heroes who provide game clues that help players get to ‘mission accomplished.’ –via

This game offers an exciting challenge to those who are eco-savvy and perhaps, might just offer some educational assistance to those who are not! Here at LadyLUX, we consider this game to be eco-chic, since its purpose is to encourage real-life action, which aligns with our principle of ‘good for the sake of good’!!! Live Green in true LUX fashion.

For all you Facebook fans, be sure to check out EarthKeepers Hero, Mission Possible for yourself!!

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