Eco-Initiatives:  Celebrities Lead the Way

We want to give a shout out to celebrities that are stepping up their green game and going public about their increased efforts to help preserve the health of our planet. These celebrities are leading by example, communicating to the world that each person makes a difference and encouraging everyone to take responsibility in doing their part. Want to follow their lead? Continue reading to discover different avenues that you just might be able to do yourself!

Jennifer Aniston is giving her house an eco-remodel by installing solar panels in her home and planting drought-resistant plants in her garden. Both of these eco-friendly tactics aim at reducing energy consumption and conserving water.

Kelly Ripa is leveraging her name to increase exposure for Electrolux, a company that creates environmentally conscious, stylish appliances and donates to Global Green USA’s Green School Initiative. Kelly admits she is not perfect and actually takes notes from her eco-savvy kids. It is always great to hear about environmentally conscious youth influencing their parent’s normal living standards.

Alicia Silverstone was recently recognized by The Daily Green in their Green Heart Awards for her dedication to an eco-conscious lifestyle. Silverstone and her dog continue in their vegan activism saying, “Eat Green. Because food production causes the most damage to the planet, so eat as many plant based foods as possible.” Quote vegetarian star.

Nick Cannon is an honorary chairman of TeeNick, a division of Nickelodeon involved in the network’s Big Green Help cause which spreads the eco-word to children and viewers. In conjunction with Earth Day, Nick spearheaded a “Power Down” event that encouraged all Nick fans, along with the Empire State Building, to participate in a 60 second voluntary black out.

We would like to extend a formal acknowledgement to not only these celebs that are taking greater eco-initiatives, but to each one of you who also continues to do your part to reduce your personal footprint. In order to create a sustainable planet, we must join forces synergistically to tackle environmental issues and effect continued change.

Now for a few tips that are super user-friendly and can be easily integrated into your current lifestyle without sacrificing personal satisfaction! At Starbucks, ask for the ceramic glass when having a coffee in house, always opt for paper products in place of plastic ones, take a cloth bag from home to the grocery store, and last but not least, buy home products made of plant based solutions. How easy was that? Remember, every bit helps.

Here at LadyLUX, we want to know… how are YOU giving your life an eco-makeover?

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