Eco Radar: Malandrino totes, nontoxic ink & jewelers go green

In the name of Earth Day on April 22, LadyLUX is hosting another “green” week with interviews, product pieces and news, on the top trends in the eco-friendly world.

If you're a jet setter with a passion for green fashion, Catherine Malandrino has the tote for you. No need to read the book, a Tale of Two Cities is right on your bag with an homage to New York and Paris. Almost the whole bag, 95 percent to be exact, is made from reclaimed materials and is going for a steal at $25.

The tote will be sold at Malandrino boutiques all over the world in honor of Earth Day.

Designers aren't the only retailer to be paying attention to our planet, jewelers are also taking the plunge. Zale, Toby Pomeroy, and Alberto Parada will be added to the list of names that pledged to stop buying gold from the large-scale metal mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay, as reported by Treehugger. Tiffany & Co. are among the distinguished names fighting to protect the atlantic region, which is the source of approx. 50 percent of the nation's supply of sockeye salmon. The influx of mine use had created waste that was destroying one of the last great habitat's for fish.

Want to see who's on the list? EarthWorks No Dirty Gold campaign already has 60 signatures from jewelry chains.

T Magazine's blog, The Moment, posted a great pick list of what to buy in honor of Earth Day. My pick? The non toxic ink pen. Being a writer, we go through pens in days…sometimes hours. So it's nice to know that DBA, the designer of the 98 percent biodegradable pen, has a solution to hundreds of Bics ending up in the trash. Created from potato derivatives, the non-plastic pen keeps its shape although it's crafted from unconventional materials. It isn't refillable but Leon Ransmeier, the designer, believed the market for disposable required more attention. At only $8 for three, purchase your pens at dba-co.com.

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