Eco-Vacation Giveaway:  For The BYO-Bagger

It’s great to see the mainstream quickly adopting ‘green’ standards into everyday life. However, it seems that the 3 R process often gets implemented within one frame of reference, Recycle. With more conscious organizations taking action to empower their consumers, by offering reusable bags, the shift to Reuse is happening! With this new sense of ease, many conscious shoppers are upgrading their status to a BYOB (aka. Bring Your Own Bag). The question still remains, are you ready and willing to be a BYO-Bagger?

Well, the incentive to do so has just shot up, thanks to IKEA! smile Their campaign affectionately referred to as, ‘Where has your Blue Bag Been?’ is currently offering an interactive program that allows unique posts of pictures, art, blogs, or video “demonstrating your own creative or practical Blue Bag uses.” So tap into that inner visionary and take action!!

The perks of this campaign are definitely enticing! Grand prize: An eco-friendly getaway for 6 days / 5 nights for two to Puerto Rico, including round trip airfare and hotel accommodations PLUS a $100 IKEA gift card! Not to mention, that the runner up would receive a green spa certificate in the amount of $500 at a spa nearest their humble abode plus a $100 IKEA gift card. On top of all this, simply for the act of submission you have the chance to score six possible $100 IKEA gift cards by random weekly drawings. Simply LUX-tastic!!

So who will decide the fate of your submission? An expert panel identified by IKEA will be designated to rate each of the posts for all the prizes EXCEPT for the “most viral” winner who will be chosen by fellow peers! So if you want to better your chances to win, create a submission that will attract a cult following and you just might have a winner. Submissions available through June 7th, Submit Your Vision today!

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