Elva Fields debuts new summer pieces

Elva Fields, who designs fantastic vintage inspired jewelry, is debuting 40 new summer pieces today on her web site. The new line, “Let the sunshine in”, features beautiful glass beads in milky white, seafoam green, turquoise and peach. However, she doesn't leave out some of the fan favorites, such as a necklace in gold finished metallic rhinestones with a vintage broach. Only available for the last hour (12 p.m. est), some pieces are already sold out!

Each piece was handmade in Emily Wheat's Kentucky studio and she's always happy to remind customers that her pieces are very eco-friendly, since she uses many vintage pieces. LadyLux interviewed Emily Wheat in March and she was already anxiously awaiting the debut, Wheat said, “Our Summer Collection will post to the website in [July], and we’re really looking forward to showcasing fun, vibrant colors and bright patterns in the designs.”

Inspired by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, each piece feels as if it comes with a story. In regards to her family inspiration, Wheat said, “What links us all together is our love of life, color, and meaningful jewelry.”

Check out the web site at Shop.ElvaFields.com for a peek at her latest pieces. Also, follow Emily and her team on twitter @ElvaFields.

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Elva Fields/Purple Neon

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