Embrace the ‘Child’ Within

The temperature is rising, the days are getting longer and your patience is wearing thin. Well LUXies, we want to inspire you to embrace your ‘inner carefree child’ that use to play in the endless days of summer.

Many of us get caught up in our ‘tasks and to-do lists’ so often we don’t stop and truly enjoy this life we are constantly living and creating!! Taking action is FAB, but not at the expense of caring for ourselves. Here are some quick tips to bring that once carefree, creative child to the forefront in our lives!! smile

Schedule a ‘play date’ with friends, whether is a low-key movie date, something outdoorsy, a night out on the town or just a friendly dinner party! Being social is crucial to feeling connected and prioritizing ‘FUN’ times in person is exactly what each LUXie desperately needs to recharge!!!

Commit to an ‘early’ bedtime (8-9 pm) one day this week. You can always use that handy DVR to record your FAV shows to get some much needed ‘beauty’ sleep.

When is the last time you were creative for no reason? Take a day to just draw or color a picture, perhaps make a collage of beautiful pictures cut from magazines! The goal here is to just take some ‘free’ time to relax while being creative. Pull those ol’ coloring books out of storage and start coloring outside the lines for a change.

Dessert: Once only seen as good for kids. Well treat yourself to having dessert for dinner. That’s right, get crazy and indulge that sweet tooth with that FAV dessert for your main course!

Replace ‘walking’ with ‘skipping.’ Instead of taking normal strides, try good old fashioned skipping! It will make you smile and perhaps, laugh at the same time!! If you are really feeling frisky, add a cart wheel on top of it all.

Wear what makes you happy. Kids have always been known to finding that FAV article of clothing and NOT taking it off. For me it was when I was 4 and would not take off my Wonder Women leotard. wink How I loved that outfit and the way it made me feel! Well, although I am not condoning wearing a Halloween costume to work, I am saying wear what you LOVE. Commit to wearing a ‘creative’ outfit with flare at least one day a week that makes you ‘feel your BEST’!

We here at LadyLUX are committed to you and we want you to do the same right back to yourself! If you have more ideas on how to live the life as that once carefree child, share them with us by posting below. We would love to hear from you what you do to keep your ‘fun’ alive LUX-style!!! wink


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