Fashism 2.0: More features for social shopping

We’ve all been there: Standing in front of the mirror in a tiny dressing room, trying to decide whether or not the piece you’re trying on is truly worthy of laying out the cash. Lucky for the indecisive shoppers out there, Fashism allows you to painlessly snap a photo, post it, and get instant advice from a fashion-savvy community.

Even better news: Fashism has launched a new version of its mobile app, Fashism 2.0.

This next version, of course, offers fancier options to help you with those difficult decisions. You can now mark your photos with the store you found the items at, the precise location of the store via geo-location capabilities and the brand. Shoppers will also delight in sending texts with direct links so friends can deliver their verdict, including through email, Facebook and Twitter.

“[Version] 1.0 was strictly about advice, and 2.0 is about directing who you want to comment on your outfit and sharing,” said co-founder and chief executive officer Brooke Moreland to WWD. “You’re able to get better advice. It’s about tapping into your existing networks.”

And that’s not all. Users can press a “nearby” button, which instantly lets them know the stores close by and what others have considered at those places. Yet another feature is “augmented reality,” which gives shoppers the highest-rated outfit in nearby stores.

Moreland reports users are addicted. Fashism.com boasts 58,000 members and collects close to 1 million page views per month. The mobile app is also successful, having been downloaded 80,000 times since its unveiling in August.

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LadyLUX via Fashism

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