Flower Power: Christian Dior Couture

As always, if there were a prize for shock and awe – John Galliano would win. Totally in step with the flower shops of downtown Paris, Dior couture let viewers a visit into a Technicolor French garden at the June 5 show. Voluptuous dresses, in cascading rainbow colors and bottomless fabric, proved that the opulence of fashion is not on its way out. Ruffles, furs, feathers, chiffon flowers and neon belts transformed the show into a walk into Wonderland. Not to mention, the giant, larger-than-life size, orange tulips served as a fitting backdrop.

And wait a minute… this is for fall? Apparently Galliano has decided to reinterpret the classic palette that is usually dominated by neutrals with the occasional pop of color.

A few pieces definitely stood out from the crowd, even though each piece surprisingly bode well solo. Olga Sherer pulled off a yellow trench, carefully covered in feathers of the same hue. However, some of the boldest looks came towards the end of the presentation, which were dominated by over-the-top, cupcake-esque, evening gowns. Magdalena Frackowiak strutted the stage in an exquisite combination of black and multicolor silk. The dark bodice let a layer of bright colors peek out, as if to mimic autumn’s playful relationship with the seasons that hug it.

However, separates and simpler pieces were tucked in between the showstoppers as well. Head-to-toe cashmere made an entrance, fashioned into cardigans and high-waisted skirts. Maxi dresses covered in coiled flowers and cocktail dresses also made a run.

Galliano has once again, not only reinterpreted society’s vision of women’s fashion, but also our idea of seasonal wear.

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