France and Germany Show Signs of Economic Growth

Economic specialists are surprised that both France and Germany have shown positive numbers this last quarter.

With this news, Germany has officially ended the longest recession they have ever experienced since World War II. Their GDP rose by 3%! This number is significantly higher given their record the past 4 quarters.

The French also demonstrated a 3% increase in their GDP, which completely shocked most analysts.

“The data is very surprising. After four negative quarters France is finally coming out of the red,” French Economy Minister Christine Lagarde told RTL radio.

The experts expected both countries to have a 3% loss and this surprising result truly shows signs that the economic landscape on a global scale is most definitely improving. Though, overall the Euro zone demonstrated a 1% slide this quarter, even that number is up from the 2.5% slide that occurred in Q1.

Though this news is hopeful, experts still caution us that it will take quite a bit more time for all the affects to stabilize on a global scale. But for now, we can celebrate these LUX-tastic signs of life and minor improvements!!

So LUX Nation, what do you think? What do you think has cause the scales to begin to tip in the other direction? Does this news excite you or are you heavily skeptical?

Check out Reuters for the full download!

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