8 Fun Fitness Trends to Make Your Resolutions Stick

It’s the classic New Year’s resolution: “I’m going to exercise more…lose weight…get in shape,” etc. Yet, for many, the reality of grinding away at the gym every day is just not going to happen, and all those good intentions may not stick past February. This year, instead of languishing in the same old routine, try a new fitness style or activity that will spice up your workout and leave you excited to come back for more. We’re betting these 8 fun classes and events may just become the best part of your day. Get burnin!


Buti Yoga

Pronounced “booty” yoga, this irreverent, explosive style has been picking up steam recently. Developed by fitness and yoga expert Bizzie Gold, the hybrid of dance, yoga and CrossFit-type plyometrics provides a killer workout that feels like a party. Each class is set to bass-heavy hip-hop, reggae and Afro-Brazilian funk music and has students practicing Miami Booty Dance alongside their vinyasas. This workout promises not only toning, strengthening and stretching of important muscle groups, but a major confidence boost as students embrace their sexy side.


Train For An Extreme Obstacle Course

You may think crawling through mud, jumping through fire and scaling walls twice your size is not for you, but don’t be so sure. Extreme obstacle courses such as the Spartan Sprint, Tough Mudder, Zombie Run (yes, zombies!) and Warrior Dash were immensely popular in 2012, providing thousands with an exhilarating, intense workout. Pick one near you later in the year and start training now for the big event. The Spartan Sprint even provides Workout of the Day and Food of the Day e-mails to help get you in prime warrior shape. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but you might just surprise yourself—and get a hot body in the process.



Step into Kangoos for a high-energy workout that will melt away all those holiday pounds. Kangoo classes use a special type of spring-loaded footwear that not only let you bounce around all day, but add resistance in an intense workout that can burn up to 800 calories per session. You may feel a bit goofy at first, but many report that these classes are a blast and produce real results. Classes feature creative choreography and are often set to pop or hip hop for an added dose of energy.


Animal Flow

Touted as the workout equivalent of the popular paleo diet, this intriguing new class will be launched nationwide this month at Equinox gyms. Using fluid, animal-inspired movements, creator Mike Fitch has combined elements of Parkour, break dancing, gymnastics, free running and circus arts to provide an innovative full-body workout. Promising to develop flexibility, strength and long, lean muscle tone, this might be a fun way to mix it up in 2013. Not convinced? Check out Fitch’s video and get back to us.


Good news! Ballet class is not just for 5-year-olds anymore. With many dance studios in NY, LA and elsewhere offering adult intro ballet classes, this might be the perfect way to finally seize those childhood dreams of becoming a ballerina while attaining an enviable dancer’s body in the process. If you’re not ready to commit to a traditional ballet class, try a barre-based class. Many combine elements of ballet basics, pilates, yoga and other techniques for a full-body workout. Barre classes had a big year in 2012 and show no signs of slowing down in 2013. These challenging classes can provide great results with added benefits such as improved posture.


Run in Color

Even self-professed running haters may be tempted to get in on this workout. The Color Run—advertised as the happiest 5k on the planet—took over cities from New York to LA in 2012 by turning the streets into one big rainbow explosion and delighting both new and experienced runners. In 2013, the Graffiti Run is also turning runners into moving art across the country. Recruit a couple friends, start a training plan and get excited to participate in this whimsical fitness phenomenon. Who knows? You just might discover that running isn’t so bad.



So, TRX may not be new but, if you have yet to try it, why not give it a go in 2013? Especially if making it to a gym is sometimes an issue. TRX is a suspension-based exercise system that uses your own bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and, most importantly, an amazing core. TRX is offered in gyms around the country, but for those who frequently travel or just are not into group fitness classes, the TRX trainer is easy to use at home and incredibly portable. The ease of fitting this exercise into a daily routine combined with the challenge of learning new moves is addictively satisfying.


Urban Rebounding

If you miss the good old days of bouncing around on a trampoline, this dynamic workout is for you. Urban Rebounding, a fitness class in which everyone performs sets of moves on a personal rebounder (or small trampoline), is available in gyms like Crunch, Equinox and more. The low-impact exercise means it’s great for people with knee and joint issues, but don’t expect an easy ride. This class combines a playful activity with fast-paced aerobic moves and plyometrics for a tough, full-body workout that is especially great for abs.

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