Get Inspired:  Tap Your Creative Genius for the World Beach Project

LUX beach lovers rejoice!

Do you remember collecting seas shells or pebbles on the beach just for fun? Well now you can turn this little activity into a global art piece through the ‘World Beach Project.’

Started by Sue Lawty, this project is meant for people of all ages, anywhere to join together and get creative. Building upon an activity we‘ve all found ourselves involved in whether it be collecting shells, keeping rocks or spelling our name in the sand. This new project helps you take these tasks and connect people from around the world.

Interested? There are two parts of the process for you to become a part of the creative mix. The first is to select your FAV beach location and bring your camera! The key is to document the whole adventure from start to finish to ensure you have plenty of amazing shots to pick from. Know you’ll eventually need to include the TOP 3 picks for your own online photomontage. Once you’ve completed this process, simply visit the website and upload three of your pictures that document these three parts of the process: (1) the whole beach you visited (2) the creative process/collection of materials to make the artwork (3) the finished pattern and work of art with a little story behind it.

Once your art is added, then you’ll be asked to select a location on the map to help document your very own creative experience. When approved by the V&A staff your finished creation will be shown to the world! Pretty neat, right?

If you’d like to get inspired, visit the map and see what others have created by clicking HERE.

It’s quite amazing to see how an art project can unite a whole globe of inspired and innovative human beings!

So LUX Nation, what are your thoughts of this nifty World Beach Project? Does it make you want to play in the sand?

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