Get Out and Celebrate: International Women’s Day March 8th

March 8th is International Women's Day, a global holiday created to recognize all the amazing women in our world, acknowledge how far we have come as a gender, and to inspire us to keep progressing in all our endeavors both individually and collectively. Nearly 100 years ago this day was declared an international holiday with the intention of rallying for women's rights. Today, we come together to celebrate how far we have come socially, politically and economically! Think of the explosion of power suits and stillettos, how close we were to the possibility of a woman president, the number of women affecting social change… we are surrounded by role models! There is so much to celebrate! That said, action is still required in order to gain equality. Men continue to dominate in business and politics and they are still earning higher salaries than women. From a global perspective, much growth is needed in terms women's education, health and violence against women.

Have you decided how you will recognize this day and honor the women around you? Get active in your community, find an event and join in the celebration, or create one your own. Go out to dinner with all your wonderful girlfriends or send your mom and grandmother flowers. However you choose to spend the day, just make sure to take the time to realize how fortunate we are, how far we have come, and appreciate all the amazing women around us!

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