Gili Air, an Indonesian Secret

Gili Air, the first of the tiny Gili islands off Lombak, is one of the most precious, well hid secrets in Indonesia!! BEAUTIFUL on every level— amazing sand, crystal clear waters filled with vibrant coral and tropical underwater life, super mellow and welcoming locals, and a mild hint of nightlife. It is the perfect relaxing destination- whether you are looking to lay on the beach all day and catch some rays, snorkel or dive in warm, beautiful waters or go hiking on Lombak just a short boat ride away. Hire a water taxi and check out neighbors Gili Tabawangan and Gili Meno. Life on Gili Air is simple, perfect destination for the traveler that wants to unplug and decompress from the hustle and bustle. It allows one to breathe and be present, undistracted by the noise of cars and horns, vendors selling trinkets on the beach, and loud thumping bass keeping everyone up into the wee morning hours. The food is delicious, the locals are great, and the energy is powerful.

There is no real need to book ahead of time as you can show up on the island and find a nice, clean bungalow just feet from the beach for as little as $10 a night, including breakfast! There are more luxurious accommodations for those that prefer more of a resort like feel, and if this is your fancy then it is probably best to book ahead of time. Fly into Bali or Lombak and either way Gili Air is just a short boat ride away.

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