June 26: Ginny Hilfiger Arrives in the Hamptons

Being the sibling of a world-famous designer is a hard act to follow. But then again, thank God for gene pools; it means that talent runs deep, and the Hilfiger family is proof positive of that.

Ginny Hilfiger has been designing clothing for 20+ years ever since graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, the premier fashion design school in New York City. She went to work in the industry honing her craft and developing her style, which evolved into its present form: classic clothing that is fresh and expertly constructed. On June 26, her talent hit the Hamptons at a trunk show at LaurenG, the new petite retail outpost in Sag Harbor, New York. The shop is the brainchild of Ginny’s assistant, Lauren Gabrielson, who has opened in the charming seaside town for the summer to showcase her new lingerie-inspired collection, as well as the best of GinnyH all season.

Despite it being a crowded clothing universe, women always desire pieces they can wear again and again, but those that also stand out from the crowd. Ginny’s pieces do just that: Her aim is to make clothing for the woman who wants to look elegant and pretty, but with ease. With the launch of her line, GinnyH, six years ago, she has made her mark in the category, creating a line that’s elegant and effortless and always uses the highest quality fabrics. “I feel that there’s a new drive toward quality and clean lines. It’s what I have always truly believed in,” says the designer.

That classic mindset is one she shares with elder brother Tommy, widely recognized for great shirts, pants, and time-tested styles. He had some help, though, building his company to global proportions: Ginny worked for 15 years as the Executive Vice President of women's design to help grow Tommy Hilfiger into a multi-platinum brand. Now, her understated elegance-inspired by Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn-is making its way into the closets of women everywhere. Her fabulous dresses, classic coats, and beautiful jackets are sure to be a hit with stylish women across the country. Stay tuned …..

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