Give Back to Haiti: Yellow Bird Project

On Thursday, LadyLUX wrote about Crafts for a Cause, a non-profit that auctions celeb-crafted goods for relief efforts in Haiti. In our “Give Back to Haiti” series we're showing another great conscious company, the Yellow Bird Project, that takes advantage of our most talented indie artists by asking them to decorate shirts for a cause, all sales go to Haiti via Partners in Health.

Started back in 2006, The Yellow Bird Project was aimed at raising awareness for charities by harnessing celeb support. Instead of simply raising money, the barter of the artful tees is a great way to showcase the organization and the artist at the same time.

The Yellow Bird Project explains their mission, “Indie rock bands are leaking creativity. Why not harness their magical indie powers to help out those in need?”

Each shirt is so unique, whether you like hand-drawn trees or modern designs—there is a tee fit for every type.

Priced from $10 to $40 for a tee or sweatshirt, the project is definitely worth a reach into your pocketbook. David Bowie fan? Check out the new design by TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe for a cool rendering of the 80s rocker.

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Yellow Bird Project

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