Go Forth Campaign: Help Select the Recipient of Levi’s 100k ‘Green’ Donation

LUXies, Levis Strauss & Co has masterfully crafted a way for you to combine both the adventures of philanthropic effort and action with their ‘Go Forth Fortune’ campaign.

This adventure is created around a fictional character named Grayson Ozias IV, who was said to have buried his own fortune to inspire others to ‘go forth and discover a greater America.’ Based on this premise, Levi’s has designed a game for you to follow clues and you can help find the hidden treasure, including traveling to different U.S. cities to uncover the next clue! Know this adventure will require actually completing activities online and offline, making for even more exciting opportunities for exploration.

The players will be receiving clues and pieces of the puzzle from launch to finish. The first player to crack the final puzzle and send it to the Levi's® game team will win Grayson Ozias's buried fortune. Players can also win other great prizes throughout the journey. –via official press release.

Think of it as an interactive treasure hunt! There are several different puzzles and elaborate cryptograms included through the process that will require a fair amount of skill, knowledge and determination. This new adventure ensures you’ll tap into your own ‘innovative spirit.’

The Go Forth adventure is divided into three phases: Phase 1: 10.5.09 through 11.14.09; Phase 2: 11.15.09 through 11.16.09; and lastly, Phase 3: 11.17.09 through 11.21.09. The top 100 participants will be guaranteed a reward, though the exact prize isn’t determined. Though the grand prizewinner will receive $100,000. For official rules visit

In addition to this cash prize, Levi’s has also announced that it’ll award $100k to a ‘green’ charitable organization as well. The exact organization to be granted this donation will be determined by the votes of the people, that means YOU! The hidden fortune that many are seeking now becomes a way to help the planet and not just yourself! A LUX-combo to say the least, definitely fitting with the ‘good for the sake of good’ motto!

Over the last few days, people from all over have become part of the movement and you still have your own voting power until November 16, 2009!

So LUXies, what do you think of this new ‘Go Forth’ Campaign? Does it appeal to you?

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