‘Green’ Movement Creates 400 Jobs in Kansas

Germany based, Siemens Energy, has just announced at the American Wind Energy Association convention their plan to build a $50 million wind turbine plant in Hutchinson, Kansas. This is exciting news not only because it is creating more then 400 desperately needed jobs in the area, but they are also eco-friendly ones at that; making for a double LUX-ified announcement. wink

Kansas ranks third in the U.S for its wind energy resource potential, according to the American Wind Energy Association. The state currently has wind farms that generate about 1,000 megawatts. —The Wichita Eagle Newspaper

This plant will be responsible for assembling ‘nacelles, the oblong structures at the top of the wind towers that include the generators, gears and electronics’ and this location will include a service center. By August of this year they are expecting to start construction on the facilities plant and the first nacelle is scheduled to ship by December of 2010.

Siemens is the ‘world’s third-largest maker of wind turbines’ and this business move will most definitely impact how the whole industry views development opportunities in the United States.
The Kansas Legislature played a role in bringing Siemens to the Kansas area by creating a recent bill that passed giving ‘$5 million to wind energy manufacturers investing more than $30 million and creating 200 jobs.’ The state hopes this new move by Siemens will influence the whole industry!

We here at LadyLUX hope to see this trend continue!! More jobs, more alternative energy sources and legislature working with organizations to benefit the whole, what could be better!?! wink

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