‘Green’ Winter 2010 Olympics in Vancouver Canada

LUX-Olympic fans, the Winter Games will be held in Vancouver, Canada this coming year and it is becoming more then just an event where the best of the best come together to showcase their amazing athleticism as the entire world watches on. Canada has made a declaration for ‘sustainability’ this time around. Meaning the Olympics and the sponsors are taking on a commitment to ‘eco-ify’ the Games production.

An independent committee, VANOC, has been appointed to take direct action in reducing the carbon footprint of an event of this size. The aim is to consciously mitigate the often negative impacts of the Olympic Games by examining more effective ways for waste management, energy consumption, water reduction and overall emissions. To ensure the changes are accurately implemented they have brought on David Suzaki, the country’s most ‘preeminent environmentalist’ to oversee the efforts!

At the Conference on Sport and the Environment in Vancouver, B.C., VANOC, the Games’ Organizing Committee announced extensive plans to green the Games with a sustainability declaration of its efforts to “harness the power of sport for change.” The document describes the involvement in sustainable development and partnerships in biodiversity and habitat, energy and climate change. There will be systems to reuse waste heat, irrigate with captured rainwater, and compost wood waste. Also, a commitment to Aboriginal partnership includes the Four First Nation—Lil’wat, Musqueam, Skamish, Tsleil-Waututh—in planning and hosting the Games. – via the Sustainability Performance Objectives, Vancouver2010.com.

Good news all around my dear LUXies, especially for our planet! Public eco-initiatives, such as this one, influence us to consciously live in a more environmentally friendly manner everyday. wink

It provides a clear example of the importance of living a much ‘greener’ life in order to positively affect the health of our planet. To check out more about the Winter Olympics of 2010, visit the official Vancouver 2010 website.


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