Gucci unveils digital flagship

Even stores like Gucci, which have always been considered brick-and-mortar retailers, are jumping on the digital bandwagon. Today Gucci unveiled their new digital flagship, which will include live video streaming and social media.

“The destiny of the digital flagship store is that it will become our highest-volume store in the world,” Gucci's president and CEO Patrizio di Marco told Women's Wear Daily.

Their fashion show in Milan on September 22 will be the first of many to be streamed on the web site, which garners 2.5 million visitors a month. Just like their stores, the site keeps with the Gucci aesthetic, the classic G monogram is everywhere and gold shimmers, even in its pixelated state.

“Through the use of new technologies, I believe we have created a Digital Flagship destination, where our customers can truly experience the beauty, quality and craftsmanship of Gucci’s collections in a truly luxurious way,” said creative director Frida Giannini, reported by WWD.

Also, they've updated their shopping capabilities offering multiple views and higher resolution photos of their products. Shoppers can even click on “The World of Gucci” for a peek at what celebs are wearing the look. Always one step ahead, will also be iPad compatible, using horizontal navigation and easy one-page views. “Gucci Connect” is a new section on the site, which brings together all their social media feeds. A Twitter feed is visible in a gold scroll-down on the right, and a list of other networking sites—such as YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, iPhone and iPad—are only a click away.

“Gucci is a company with a deep respect for the past, but at the same time, with an eye firmly focused on the future,” said di Marco. “With the ubiquity of broadband today and the widespread adoption of social networking, we have aimed to develop a rich and connected online experience that reflects the height of luxury and service one experiences when entering our flagship retail stores.”

The digital flagship will only enhance Gucci's tremendous presence on the web. The Italian luxury household name boasts one million Facebook friends, 600,000 Gucci app users and 18,000 Twitter followers.

In a means of combining their social media with their business, “Gucci Connect” will be hosting an E-vent via Facebook which will allow shoppers to vie for virtual seating at their September show. On September 1, guests can register for admission for the E-vent and compete for the chance to win VIP seats. The winners will be revealed on Sept. 20 and webcams will be at the show.

“The Gucci Connect initiative will play an important role in redefining fashion shows by integrating multiple platforms with video technology — online, social networking and event — thereby allowing larger audiences to experience the fashion show as one,” the company told the fashion web site.

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